Updated instructions for schools during the coronavirus pandemic starting from 19.1.2022



Education and trainingStudents

The communicable disease authorities have updated the instructions concerning schools as follows:

You may go to school only if you are healthy and symptomless.

  • Wearing a mask is recommended for every student at the institution.
  • The staff is obligated to wear a mask.
  • Additionally, everyone at the school needs to comply with other coronavirus-related instructions.

If a student has a coronavirus positive member in their family, it is recommended for the student, according to THL’s instructions, to stay at home for 5 days as a precaution.

  • In cases of exposure within the family, a symptomless student may also go to the school.

If the parent notifies that the reason for their youth’s absence is due to a coronavirus infection and the youth is quarantined (including a positive home test), the student may ask the teachers to open a remote access to the class, if possible. If the student is ill, the main priority is rest and not studying, not even remotely.


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