Bulletin to students and guardians: Distance education will be continued in Secondary Education until 5 April



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Distance education will be continued in Secondary Education until 5 April

At its meeting on March 24, the Capital City Region’s Coronavirus Coordination Group has decided that secondary school students will continue in distance education until 5 April. The coordination group will return to the teaching situation after the Government's guidelines for teaching have been clarified or no later than Easter week.

The needs of the necessary on-site teaching will be secured. On-site teaching is offered, among other things, to students with special needs education and students who need individual support for various reasons. The principals will provide information on a school-by-school basis if necessary.

Secondary students are not offered a meal at educational institutions on working days when the studies are carried out remotely (Vocational Education Act 11.8.2017/531, § 100, Upper Secondary School Act of 10.8.2018, § 35). If the student so wishes, he or she can turn to the City of Vantaa for food assistance, for more information see the website https://www.vantaa.fi/terveys-_ja_sosiaalipalvelut/paivystys/koronavirus/tukea_ja_apua/ruoka-apu

Return to on-site teaching will be announced no later than Easter week. The possibility for students of supplementary basic education to pick up a food package (Basic Education Act 21.8.1998/628, § 31) from a place that will be announced separately for each school by the education provider.

Director of the Secondary Education service area,

Ari Ranki