Teaching arrangements for secondary education starting on 6 April



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Teaching arrangements for secondary education starting on 6 April

The capital city region’s coronavirus coordination group has outlined the arrangements for secondary education at its meeting on 30 March 2021 as follows.

Distance education will continue in Varia 6-9 April. The needs of the necessary on-site teaching will be secured.

According current knowledge: Starting on 12 April, vocational training will go over to teaching arrangements where 1/3 of the students in the places are in contact teaching at a time. On-site teaching is carried out in accordance with health safety guidelines. The alternation of distance and on-site teaching follows the rules of procedure and structure agreed upon by the office.

Current disease situation will be re-evaluated after Easter. If the disease situation changes teaching arrangements will be re-evaluated. We will get the latest updates on Thursday 8.4.

Arranging secure on-site teaching

The organization of safe contact teaching is guided by e.g. the following principles:

• Following general hygiene instructions

• Recommending the use of a face mask

• Staggering of mealtimes, taking into account safety intervals and general hygiene instructions

• Utilization of the premises of all educational institutions, so that social distancing can be better taken care of.

• Staggering of breaks as well as of entering and leaving the school In accordance with the principal's instructions.

On 24 November 2020, the City of Vantaa’s Disruption Management Team decided that the distribution of face masks would be extended to secondary schools. If a secondary school student cannot afford to buy face masks or has forgotten a face mask at home, the student can pick up a face mask from a point indicated by the educational institution. The main rule is that the student acquires his or her own mask.

Principal Pekka Tauriainen