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Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services

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Vocational Qualification in restaurant and catering services gives qualifications to work as a cook and in other positions in the hospitality industry.

Tikkurila major region

TUVA education


TUVA education combined previous additional basic education (10th grade), preparatory education for general upper secondary education (LUVA) and preparatory education for basic vocational education (VALMA).

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Policy action program of preventing and intervening in bullying

Vocational Qualification in Tourism Industry

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Vocational Qualification in Tourism Industry gives qualifications to work as a receptionist or tourism activities organizer in the tourism industry in Finland and abroad.

Myyrmäki major region

Going abroad

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In Varia, our students have the option and possibility to do short and long semesters or periods abroad. Instructions for going abroad can be found on this page. The step-by-step in-depth guide is below.



Varia students are offered diverse opportunities to participate in international activities and strengthen their international skills.

University of Applied Sciences Studies in Varia


Students of Varia have the opportunity to study at a university of applied sciences level already during their vocational education studies in collaboration with Haaga-Helia, Laurea or Metropolia.