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In July, school nurses will be available at the Kesäterkkari surgery.

The surgery will be open from 27 June – 29 July 2022

  • on Mondays from 10:00–18:00
  • on Tuesdays–Thursdays from 08:00–16:00 and
  • on Fridays from 08:00–15:00.

The surgery is located at Vantaa Adult Education Centre (Vantaan aikuisopisto) at Lummetie 5, 01300 Vantaa.

You can come to the Kesäterkkari surgery without an appointment or by making an appointment in advance.

  • You can make an appointment by calling 09 8395 0025 or by sending an SMS or WhatsApp message to 043 827 2236.
  • You can also contact us if you just want to talk.

You can talk about:

  • your mood
  • friendships, home conditions
  • problems with sleeping and about your sleep pattern
  • dating
  • questions concerning birth control and sexual health
  • questions related to eating
  • smoking and using other substances, and gaming
  • dental care and oral health and
  • anything else that is bothering you.

Parents and guardians can also contact us regarding their young ones.

You can make an appointment for:

  • a preliminary health check with a nurse and doctor before the call-up
  • a check-up concerning infectious diseases and vaccinations if you're a social and health care student
  • vaccinations and
  • follow-up and support appointments.

Oral health care experts can be contacted at the Kesäterkkari surgery every week; they offer advice and tips on matters related to oral health.

Kesäterkkari summer nurse 27 June – 29 July 2022

  • Send an SMS or WhatsApp message to 043 827 2236 or call 09 8395 0025. Email: kesä
  • Location: Vantaa Adult Education Centre (Vantaan Aikuisopisto), Lummetie 5, 01300 Vantaa. Come and see us with or without an appointment.
  • Follow us on Instagram: @kesaterkkari.vantaa #kesäterkkari


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